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Top 5 Benefits of Offering Employees Corporate Uniforms


Did you know that even Steve Jobs wore the same corporate uniform to all of his speaking engagements? Google some images of Steve Jobs, and you will likely find thousands of pictures of the Apple Mogul wearing the same blue jeans and black turtleneck. While jeans and t-shirts may not be the best type of uniform for your employees in Jamaica or the Caribbean, following the lead of such successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs may be just the boost in brand name recognition that your company needs. Here are some other excellent reasons for incorporating and uniform and corporate attire solutions into your organization.

  • Create a positive business image. Unfortunately, the cold hard facts of life have proven that our customers and society, in general, judge us on how we dress. Offering a standard company uniform maintains consistency from staff member to staff member, establishes a better professional image, and improves customer retention and satisfaction levels.

  • Boost brand name recognition. When your employees are wearing the very same crisp, clean, and easy to maintain employee uniform, this is like having an entire staff of walking, talking billboards strategically placed throughout your community. Your corporate uniform can be designed with your brand name logo or emblem and even in your own unique company colors.

  • Protect your workers and increase employee comfort. Many of the uniform fabrics offered by a commercial service include options in flame retardant work wear, protecting your employees from injuries due to flash fires and electrical flashes. For employees in the healthcare and service industries, free-flowing fabrics that breathe are often the better choice. A commercial uniform company can help you decide which materials will work best for the welfare and comfort of your staff.

  • Improve security for both you and your clients. When each of your employees is wearing the exact same uniform, then they are more easily recognized in a crowd of people. It makes it easier for both you and your clients to recognize who belongs and who doesn’t.

  • Increase employee retention. Believe it or not, the cost for each employee to purchase their own work clothing can be a rather excessive personal expense, money that comes directly out of your employees’ pockets that could easily be spent to improve their individual qualities of life. If your employees can save a little extra money each and every week, then they will be far less likely to look elsewhere for a better paying job. You might even see a decrease in employee tardiness because it will take much less time to get ready in the morning.

There are many, many reasons why choosing a professional corporate uniform, such as those offered by Designs by Marc will pay off in the long run. Perhaps the most significant is the uniform’s unique ability to promote a sense of team spirit among your staff.

We also believe that when your employees are well outfitted and look good, it will boost their confidence and good feel. It’s the basis of our “Look Good, Feel Good” manta…..your employees will feel like they belong, that they are part of a cohesive team, you will also begin to see a huge increase in employee productivity.

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